Student Tax Software For The 2019 - 2020 Tax Season

TurboTax Canada Free Student Tax Filing Options

TurboTax for Canadian students is made for those who paid tuition and are looking for proper guidance to help them maximize their student tax deductions.

Yikes! Exams, tuition, student loan payments, school books, job hunting expeditions, I get it, you need help. It's hard enough keeping up with everyday tasks without having to deal with all the tax laws and determining what student deductions you qualify for to help ease the financial burden.

TurboTax makes it easy to prepare your Canadian tax return yourself, and save money at the same time. Meeting all those school education requirements can be stressful enough. Let TurboTax save the day by guiding you through your tax preparation process, and helping you get the tax filing task done for free.

TurboTax Canada Student Edition: Yes, it's Free!

TurboTax is giving students a hand and the TurboTax Student Online Edition is the right tax software choice to help you claim education tax breaks if:

  • You Were a Student during the tax year
  • You paid tuition fees
  • You hold a T2202A, TL11 or its equivalent
  • Your gross household income is under $20,000.

If you do not meet the TurboTax student edition eligibility qualification guidelines, TurboTax can help you move right into the right TurboTax tax software solution that best fits your tax return preparation and filing needs.

School is a costly venture that can build up a debt load that lasts for years if not decades. Finding every possible dollar to cut your income tax expenses and lower your taxable income is monumentally important to your financial health.

Maximizing student tax deductions can be the lifeline between racking up a never ending student tax debt, or managing to control your debt load and cut those expenses with government tax breaks.

The TurboTax Student Edition is an online tax preparation product that focuses on things that matter most to students and their financial health, including:

  • Deducting public transit transportation expenses

  • Claiming up to $400 per month in tuition tax support

  • Getting credit for up to $65 per month back on textbooks

  • Claiming moving expenses if you moved 40km or more

Even if you don't qualify for the student edition, TurboTax offers several FREE Tax Software options that can help you get your taxes done for less. Options include:

  • The TurboTax Freedom Program: Use any TurboTax Online Edition if you earned less than $20,000 (limitation based on tax year 2013 qualifications)

  • TurboTax Canada Free Online Edition: This is a great choice for Canadians with simple tax situations (only income to claim). There is no income limit!

  • TurboTax Canada Free Student Edition: This edition helps Canadians claim tuition, textbooks, transit, and other student related education expenses.

  • TurboTax Online Editions: Individual tax filers with only t-slip income to claim can file for free — regardless of how much household income they make. Plus, if your household income is less than $20K, you can use any Canadian Online TurboTax Edition for Free!

When you're all done preparing your tax return with the TurboTax Canadian tax preparation program that best fits your needs, you can use NETFILE to file your tax return and get your refund quicker than ever.

TurboTax helps Canadian tax filers get their taxes done for less!